Stay Safe & Healthy With Us

stay safe & stay healthy (covid-19)

Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) has become a global disease that impact global activity. This virus is affecting human respiratory system and easy to transmit amongst people.

To response the Covid-19 pandemic, Arsela Hotel Pangkalan Bun has already increased the safety and security to our guests and team members. We have taken additional steps to ensure hygienes in all areas of our hotel, as belows :

• Avoidance of handshaking among our staff and while interacting with guests. At present all our staff use “Namaste” greeting.
• Increased frequency of public or private areas cleaning using disinfectant everyday.
• Guests and staff are advised to do physical distancing while talking with others.
• Increased deployment of antibacterial hand sanitizers in public area.
• Response procedures that are effective, fast, professional and calm if there is a Coronavirus case in the hotel.
• All guests and our team members are advised to increase the frequency of washing hands using soap or using hand sanitizers.
• Body temperature measurement procedures for all guests and our team members when they arrive at the hotel.
• Our staff are all wearing masker and using disposable rubber gloves for kitchen and housekeeping staff members.
• Any staff with a cough or other symptoms are not permitted to work until recover.

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